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Meet your expectations

Our team provide several services on different areas in Real State business. From Consulting and Economic Studies to Construction Management. We give response and deliver solution to any project.



The services we offer provide our client/project owner the specialized technical support regarding Audit, Management and Safety Coordination, required in a construction site.


The aim is optimization and compatibility of every part involved in the job's execution, ensuring full compliance with the project, concerning the quality parameters required to the final product, meeting deadlines, budgets and administrative closure to every contract.


Last, but not least, ensuring Health and Safety procedures and measures, reducing to negligible any risk of accidents in the site or involving third parties, complying with environmental aspects, such as the impact the construction site might inflict to the surrounding environment.



Finally decided to refurbish the house, exactly to your liking?


Sanitary Instalations from 700 €

Kitchens/Cuisines - 2100 €

Total refurbishing/remodelation - 12.000 €


Ask us for a estimate/budget



  • Architecture/interior and exterior remodeling

  • Landscaping

  • Stability/Safety

  • Foundations/Establishment

  • Containment an Peripheral Excavation

  • Water Distribution Network and Supplying

  • Gas Supplying

  • Thermal and Energy Certification

  • Acoustics

  • Electromechanical Installations

  • I.T.E.D.(Telecommunications Infrastructure in Buildings)/E.D.P

  • A.V.A.C. (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)/Smoke control

  • Fire Hazard Control

  • Safety and Health 



The real estate business, having great economic and social relevance, is assumed as a key sector and motor for the dynamic and sustainable development of a country. Being aware of how important this economic-financial strategy is for severall companies and private sectors, we, Engiprumo rule ourselfs by very acurate technical principles when carrying out all property valuations. Our company belongs to the Expert Real Estate Appraisers and Funds Investment Committee, being registered at the Security Market Committee under No. AVFII/03/016. Also certified by the Portuguese Association of Engineering Appraisers.

In this line of work, we value a statistic approach, by applying a multiple linear regression method, to build a suitable and accurate assessment, based on market assumptions during the time the evaluation takes place.


Need to obtain a license for your project?


Contact us, we take care of it.

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