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Contruction Management and Coordination

The services we offer provide our client/project owner the specialized technical support regarding Audit, Management and Safety Coordination, required in a contruction site.


The aim is optimization and compatibility of every part involved in the job's execution, ensuring full compliance with the project, concerning the quality parameters required to the final product, meeting deadlines, budgets and administrative closure to every contract.


Last, but not least, ensuring Health and Safety procedures and measures, reducing to negligible any risk of accidents in the site or involving third parties, complying with environmental aspects, such as the impact the construction site might inflict to the surrounding environment.


We are a highly qualified technical team, with appropriate experience, which allows us to work and defend the economic interests and logistics of your project.


We advise and help you accomplish your project. Contact us.



Count on a highly qualified team working for you, ensuring and defending your interests












































































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