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About Engiprumo

Engiprumo provides consulting services in real estate investment projects. The founders started this business in 1994, having later in March 1998 create Engiprumo as beeing the project continuity. The increasing number of registered businesses in which we operate, is proof not only of real confidence that our actions generate in the market, but also the responsiveness we demonstrate to new challenges and requirements presented to us. Vision - To be recognized for providing the best realestate engineering service to its customers. Mission - Engiprumo rules itself by a strong team spirit, commitment to achieve a beneficial outcome to our clients and service excellence. In order to conduct our methods, a permanent training philosophy was adopted, resulting in a ethical and professional approach to our Clients interests, facing all chalenges with integrity and independence. Objectives - Helping our Customers and professionals to achieve excellence in the various real estate management challenges they face.


ENGIPRUMO as an independent company dedicated to engineering, architecture and construction, and develops studies and projects in that area of specialized technical services. It is fully equipped with the necessary technical and technological means to effectively develop and deliver the work. It also has regular employees in specific fields, able to intervene when the scope and nature of the project requires, forming regular, homogeneous and interactive teams. 

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